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Easy Cue
Individual Fixture Control
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ColorMaker remote controls are all wireless RF (radio frequency) remotes with +400 foot range and no line of sight required. We operate on 916 MHz which is an isolated band and outside the frequency of most DJ and WIFI devices. All ColorMaker remotes are FCC certified

DMX-Link-PX5 is a remote with a DMX interface. Connect your favorite DMX512 compatible console or computer software to the 3 PIN XLR and you will have control of up to 32 individual fixtures. RGBAW color value use 1 DMX channels for each color. Multiple fixtures will use sequential channel from start channel to end. DMX start channel is programmable so you can patch to your current setup. Our fixutres use a standard RGBAW profile to setup so no special library is needed.

PX5-T10 is our most advanced remote and can control up to 90 individual fixtures in groups of 10 using network options. There are 3 programmable ColorRoll buttons, 10 programmable scene buttons. Several speed functions like Group and Go and ALL. This offers quick access to groups. For the ColorRoll enthusiast we have the SFCP (Single Fixture ColorRoll Programming ) which can speed but programming colors for each ColorRoll. PX5-T10 is powered by 9 volt battery.

Easy Cue is a fast and easy way to control ColorMaker LED fixtures. If you need to hand off controls to a client this is the remote to use with a simple and easy to learn keypad. The 15 color preset buttons offer colors with a press of a button. Color presets are programmable so if you don't like the RGBAW values we have assigned you can program your own unique color combination. You still get full control of each color value from 0 to 100% with a Full key option for instant on or off. The single ColorRoll button is Programmable with Fade, Follow and Flash option. We have even included 2 scene buttons for quick setup. You can download manual or call for more information.

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