Table Lighting and Centerpiece Lighting
Price call for volume discounts
1 WATT LED Count
2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Green, 2 Amber, 2 White
1 Red, 1 Blue, 1 Green, 1 Amber, 1 White
6.5W X 6.6L X 2.1H
4.5W X 3.5L X 2.5H
2.2 lbs.
1.2 lbs.
Battery Capacity
Charger Options
Li-1800, Li-700
Li-1800, Li-700
LED Colors
Wash Coverage
4' Wide x 8' Height
2.5' Wide x 2.5' Height
Run Time full RGB
Actual size picture

Wireless Communication

ColorMaker line of wall wash fixtures are compatible with all ColorMaker remote controls at ranges +400 feet. We communicate with fixtures with a radio frequency on 916 MHz which is an isolated radio band and will not be affected by WIFI or other wireless devices. No line of sight is required our powerful radio can transmit through wall and all our products are FCC certified for use in the USA. We offer both hand held wands and DMX interface controls. Fixtures can be easily set to receive on any one of 32 channels by a press of a button. See Auto Addressing feature below. Our communication data is all digital and built in data error checking for reliable control. All controls can be set with a unique user code to prevent other Colormaker users in range from controlling your fixtures.

Li-ion Powered

All ColorMaker products are powered by li-ion battery cells. We use quality cells with +500 charge cycles when properly maintained. We offer a range of single port battery chargers that will safely charge fixtures in just a few hours. See our charger options.


All ColorMaker fixtures are for indoor use only and will operate from 10f (-12c) to 105f (40c) Keep antenna at least 5 inches away from metal objects for best reception.


Both DL5-250 and DL5-80 have a diffuser lens which mix the colors evenly and eliminate hot spots usually found in narrow beam optics. This light output is optimal for lighting acrylic tables, dance floors and fabric covered frames. Your tables and furniture will glow in a 360 degree evenly for your event.

DL5-250 and DL5-80
No hot spot or shadows
Tranditional fixtures will have hot spot and sides will show shadows and uneven lighting

Color Control

ColorMaker uses Cree LED's exclusively in our products. Our LED's are purchased in a tight BIN class where we can offer the most color control in the industry. We can guarantee the fixture you purchase today will be the same color hue as the next fixture you purchase as you expand your inventory.

620-625 NM
520-530 NM
460-465 NM
585-595 NM
cool white 6200K


ColorMaker fixtures are designed and built by ColorMaker in our factory in Florida. We use quality materials in all our products and every product undergoes quality checks throughout the assembly process.

Transport Cases

DL5-250 (10)
DL5-80 (18)
Weight fully loaded
47 lbs.
29 lbs.
20W x 17L x11H
20W x 18L x 7H


See Battery Charger

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